We discussed and decided on our end deliverable being a mobile app due to lasts week’s activity where we brainstormed many ideas regarding mobile communication and connection.

We then moved on to feature brainstorming

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We then moved on to low-fidelity wireframing

My Experience

I took the train from center city to manayunk

The door was open to the shop, it was getting dark, music was playing inside

There was a couple getting their snack sack (late 20s/ early 30s) and Pat was gathering different food for the sack. I started looking around the shop to not invade the conversation.

Pat asked about how school was going for the woman. He was very engaged with them.

When they left I informed Pat that it was my week to pick it up, Pat started preparing my snack sack. The ingredients overflowed so he gave me two bags for it. I enjoyed watching how generous he was with the food.

I thanked him and walked home. It was such a short distance I didn’t worry about the bags being too heavy or them breaking. I was very excited when I got home and unpacked and put away everything. It was hard to find room for everything in my fridge.  I ended up snacking on the bread and cheese and didn’t use the food until the next day when I made a veggie burrito. I used my food processor to help me chop the vegetables.